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Liked many fans to add dirt, the map “Estonia – Pirita-Kose” is now also in MudRunner!

The map has kept its original appearance, a little pulled up cosmetically and adapted (as far as possible) to a new version of your favorite dirt simulator.
On what transport (all-wheel drive or not-wheel-drive) to pass this version of the map – decide for yourself. On any transport it will be fun! For true connoisseurs of mud, I advise you to try the incomplete drive.

Map (32×32) of the real terrain of the city of Tallinn, the coastal area of ??Pirita-Kose. Very calm and beautiful area with many “health trails” – walking forest trails banned for motor traffic. But something went wrong and now the “health path” has turned into the scene of the game MudRunner. History, of course, is fictitious, BUT the terrain is quite real. The site of the site chosen to create the map has a river that divides the map into two parts. It is on this site that I do not have any river crossings, which would greatly complicate the passage, so I added a fictional bridge that connects the two banks.

The map used extras. dynamic and static objects.

On the map:
– 1 sawmill
– 9 points of exploration

Auto on the map: Spawn (5): 
– UAZ-3151 with repair parts and fuel (can be replaced)
– Gas-66 with repair parts and fuel (can be replaced, but not desirable)
– Ural-375 – slot for your transport (requires repair and refueling)
– Ural-375 – slot for your transport (requires repair and refueling)
– Ural-375 – slot for your transport (requires repair and refueling)


– KamAZ-65111 ( with fuel tank – 1400)
– KamAZ-65115 (with garage parts / repair and refueling required)
– Maz-537 (for variety / required p demolition and refueling)
– KrAZ-260 (with a fuel tank – 1400)
– KamAZ-65111 (with autonomy)
– Ural-432010 (with repair parts)
– Zil-131 (with onboard platform and trailer)
– K-700 (loader)
– ZAZ-968m (for fun)
– 2 caravans for opening garage

– 2x New Holland W170C (ancillary equipment and a forklift – does not affect the passage) – Workshop Steam | Download from STMods / Authors: yansors, chekhrak, Psix19rus

Many thanks to everyone who helped with porting the map to the new version.
Say thank you and put your likes.
Good luck on the roads!


Modell: bo01ean
Textur: bo01ean
Script: bo01ean
Idee / Konzept: bo01ean
Tester: bo01ean
Sonstige: bo01ean


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24.11 2017
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