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I greet you on the map of Bora-Bora-2.

The name of the map, someone will think like islands in the ocean, but no. Bora-Bora, these are country plots in my homeland for not poor people on the bank of the River Teterov. Well, you understand, for which are not the poor? Those places are famous for dense forests, and deep bogs, so do not think that it will be easy. Also on the map there is a village in the forest where no one lives for a long time. The name of this farm is "Rudynka". There are settlements where the life goes well. There are sawmills working, the housekeeping in the form of cows is flourishing. Also there are hilly areas that are better to go around, but if you like to take risks, then go ahead - to meet adventures. So all good luck and a pleasant game.

On the map:

1 Garage (Indoor)

1 Fueling

6 Pyloram

1 sawmill and 2 goats for manual loading.

4 Slots with machines (can be replaced)

5 cars are scattered on the map


Modell: Sasha UA
Textur: Sasha UA
Script: Sasha UA
Idee / Konzept: Sasha UA
Tester: Sasha UA
Sonstige: Sasha UA


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30.11 2017
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