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V 2.0 mod for Spintires

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The map "Blackwater Canyon" version 2.0 is a landscape, realistic and at the same time rather complicated map.
Be prepared for the factthat your truck will be "twisted" in any wood!
If you are not a weakling, then the card challenges you!
Dimensions: 1km by 1km
3 Sawmills
1 garage (outdoor)
4 machines + 3 slots (KRAZ-255)
1 felling
2 loading points
3 Refills
7 points of exploration

Unlike the previous version on the map added Sawmills, objects, changes in some textures, changing locations of locations, etc. Minor improvements.
The map is converted and modified from the map "Black Water Canyon" version Lite, author: Blackwater_CA

Installation: At C: \ Program Files (x86) / Steam / SteamApps / common / Spintires / move media from the archive agreeing to replace.


Modell: Ptentsov

Textur: Ptentsov

Script: Ptentsov

Idee / Konzept: Ptentsov

Tester: Ptentsov

Sonstige: Ptentsov


  • 01 Apr 02:31
    Version 2.0


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    by mods80
    ago about 1 year


01.04 2017
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V 2.0
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